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Fall In

Autumn 2022 Issue VI

Recognized by The Int'l Webby Awards, Davey Awards, Communicator Awards, and Best Book Awards (for Outstanding Cultural Website, Writing, and Print Anthology)


7 Countries / 40 Authors / 50 Pieces



Collaborating Writers:

David Alcock, England

Mikki Aronoff, USA

Brook Bhagat, USA*

Kelly Short Borges, USA

Bella Mahaya Carter, USA

William Cass, USA

Patti Cassidy, USA

Karen Crawford, USA

Christopher T. Dabrowski,


Andrea Damic, Australia

Tommy Dean, USA

Michael Estabrook, USA

Shane Gericke, USA

Howie Good, USA

Kevin Grauke, USA

Bruce Gunther, USA

Mac Hamilton, USA

Mercedes Hesselroth, USA

Norbert Kovacs, USA

Sarah Leavesley, England

Louella Lester, Canada

Eliot Li, USA

Marc Littman, USA

Tim Love, England

Kim Lozano, USA

James Mathis, USA

Bonnie Meekums, England

Todd Mercer, USA

Lynn Mundell, USA

Kim Murdock, Canada

Jerome Plumier, Belgium

Allyson Riddle, USA

Anthony Rome, USA*

David Rudd, England

Angeline Schellenberg, USA

Raymond Sloan, Ireland

Gary Thomson, Canada

Leo Vanderpot, USA

Rob Vogt, USA* 

Jim Woessner, USA


*Featured Authors

Who Will Beat, Beat, Beat
the Competition? 'Rite & Record Challenge Inside!

Founding Editor / Publisher,
Keith Hoerner, USA



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