New Opportunity for Artists

A great partner to our micro writing forms, we are excited to invite you to send us your micro masterpieces today! We are now open to submissions for this exciting new venture with our award-winning ezine for Fall of 2021. The call is open themed as well as open in regard to medium(s) used; show us your biggest thinking on a diminutive canvas (not to exceed three inches by five inches in size).
Please send us a flat, straight-on photograph o your work in a high-res electronic file (along with a six-word story title) to editor@thedribbledrabblereviewdotcom. Please also have some point of reference in the photograph to show proportion: a stamp, coin, etc.

At this time, this is not a paying market and the publishing terms stated in our submissions tab for writers will apply equally to all accepted artists. Please abstain from sending any erotica, politically infused or hate-related imagery. 

It's just another way to prove the big, grey-haired dude correct. As Einstein put it, "Creativity is intellegence having fun." HAVE FUN; send us your wild, your willy, your way out there...