The hierarchy of fiction goes something like this: epic (120,000 words and up), novel (40,000 - 120,000), novella (17,500 - 40,000), novelette (7,500 - 17,500), short story (1,500 - 7,500), sudden fiction (750), flash fiction (300 - 1,500), micro fiction (under 300), a drabble (exactly 100), and a dribble (exactly 50).  Our 6th Issue Drabbles follow; page through using the slide buttons below. Authors are alphabetized.

Fresh Produce

Vegetable Medley

The shoppers in produce have stripped down to their waists. Again. Like some horny, deciduous flash mob. Tops and bras float to the floor. Our bones groan with the messes they make. They crack celery stalks, pinch and poke avocados, turn tomatoes and melons to slush. Customers flood in from aisles 2-14 snapping pictures. The building is tilting and no one’s listening to reason. At last, a chorus of crickets chimes from smart phones, reminders to bring home gazpacho, hummus, and wine. Clothes go back on, not always on the right person. We mop up, safe till next Thursday afternoon.


—  Mikki Aronoff, USA

Mikki Aronoff has work in New World Writing, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Tiny Molecules, The Disappointed Housewife, Bending Genres, and elsewhere. She has received Pushcart and Best Microfiction nominations.

2023 Pushcart Prize Nominee