The hierarchy of fiction goes something like this: epic (120,000 words and up), novel (40,000 - 120,000), novella (17,500 - 40,000), novelette (7,500 - 17,500), short story (1,500 - 7,500), sudden fiction (750), flash fiction (300 - 1,500), micro fiction (under 300), a drabble (exactly 100), and a dribble (exactly 50).  Our 5th Issue Drabbles follow; page through using the slide buttons below. Authors are alphabetized.

Image by Hannelore Sanokklis

The Sting

Because I love-hate you more than you hate-love me: I hide, facing a mirror, my shoelaces undone. Watching the honey bee dying after it stings. Watching the sweet-scented illusions of the roses you dump once they’re dead. Watching syrupy lies and your misery-pretenses camouflages.  I bicycle up brick walls with palms that are slick and quick. My tulip skirt sashaying, blowing off runners. I pluck the moon and make it my crescent, pretend it’s my engagement ring. How I ache for my powdered rouge to give you co-arbitrated kisses under the black soul of our sun.


—  Riham Adly, Egypt

Riham Adly’s fiction has appeared in over fifty online journals such as Litro Magazine, Lost Balloon, The Flash Flood, Bending Genres, The Citron Review, The Sunlight Press, Flash Frontier, Flash Back, Ellipsis Zine, Okay Donkey, and New Flash Fiction Review among others. Riham is a Best of the NET and a Pushcart Prize nominee. Her work is included in the “Best Micro-fiction 2020” anthology. Riham lives with her family in Giza, Egypt.