The hierarchy of fiction goes something like this: epic (120,000 words and up), novel (40,000 - 120,000), novella (17,500 - 40,000), novelette (7,500 - 17,500), short story (1,500 - 7,500), sudden fiction (750), flash fiction (300 - 1,500), micro fiction (under 300), a drabble (exactly 100), and a dribble (exactly 50). Our 3rd Issue Dribbles follow; page through using the slide buttons below. Authors are alphabetized.


Your name that I love to shout out loud in a crowd of strangers

because I’m too shy to say it in front of our friends

I spent two

or maybe five,

or still maybe now,

talking to my two best friends,

my bed and pillow

Of how my heart ticks,

how it endures.

My bed,

who gets jealous every second;

can’t blame him,

for I hug my pillow tightly

every second I pray your name.


—  Jeff William Acosta, Philippines

Jeff William Acosta is a culinary student doubling up as a Filipino poet. Jeff lives beside the white sands of La Union and far from the rice fields, rivers and mountains where he grew up. His poems are primarily inspired by his faith, and experiences on love and life. His first poetry works to be published will be in the Scarlet Leaf Review - November 2020 issue