The hierarchy of fiction goes something like this: epic (120,000 words and up), novel (40,000 - 120,000), novella (17,500 - 40,000), novelette (7,500 - 17,500), short story (1,500 - 7,500), sudden fiction (750), flash fiction (300 - 1,500), micro fiction (under 300), a drabble (exactly 100), and a dribble (exactly 50). Our 4th Issue Dribbles follow; page through using the slide buttons below. Authors are alphabetized.

Image by Paul Bulai

What to Gather in the Face of a Disaster

The gray-haired man stuffs his vehicle with ladies dresses, an empty wheelchair by him.

        “The fire's close. Evacuate!” I yell. 

        He ignores me, packs purses, scarves.

    I tell the woman next door, “Your neighbor and his wife have got to leave. Now!”

     She whispers, “Henri's wife died two years ago.”


—  Sudha Balagopal, USA

Sudha Balagopal is a well-known, award-winning writer of flash fiction. Her piece in The Dribble Drabble Review Issue #2 won her inclusion in The Best Microfiction Anthology 2021.