Readers and Writers:

We, The Dribble Drabble Family, often receive encouraging remarks from readers and writers alike. Still, the following truly tugged at our heartsrings. Maybe it was the day of the week (Friday), the time of the day (near closing), or perhaps it was the fact this 'high-five' opened the door for a shameful plug of our first print anthology ;) It essentially said:  "Dear Staff, The Dribble Drabble Review is brilliant; I'm blown away by the quality of the writing. I've been savoring my paperback collection of Issues I-V and taking it everywhere (buy-now link in postscript below). With gratitude and admiration, Bella" Thanks, Bellaand thank you to the many readers and writers who frequently contact us with similar notes of love support. We adore you, too, which is why we publish TDDR!

    With this being our 6th Issue, we look to the future and growing the Review. We continue to feature 50 exceptional Microfiction stories twice yearly, and will continue to combine each consecutive five-volume collection into its own print anthology.  We remain committed to being a no-cost, premium platform for writers whether beginner or experienced. We are expanding our representation in schools and libraries with workshops and book drops that bring the world of Microfiction to all ages.  We nominate for the top award-season anthologies.  And with this issue, we will conduct TDDR's first 'Rite & Record Contest for cash and awards. For all this, and more, we remain committed and excited to serving you, our loyal audience.

   Appreciatively, TDDR fans continue to embrace our efforts worldwide. The quality of the e-zine and print companion piece(s) has earned the Review recognition as a top cultural site on the Internet by both The Int'l Webby Awards and The Communicator Awards, plus we await the response of other top award programs like the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses' Firecracker Awards for new literary venues.

    This particular issue features 40 fabulous authors from seven countries. Among our three highlighted writers, you'll meet Anthony "Tony" Rome who my wife and I met last April on a trip in central Europe. He was ailing, but I didn't  know how dire his situation was. I challenged him to try his hand at Dribbling and Drabbling to distract his thinking. Well, our newfound friend did not back down from the challenge! Herein, posthumously, we honor Tony (who chose to remain life-affirming and wrotenot of his worriesbut his love of cooking, foodstuffs, and the family and friends who  frequented his dining table.   

    Our Art Section introduces you to the diminutive work of Moroccan artist Fouad Kebdani, who makes visual-art versions of Dribbles and Drabbles out of pencil and paint. Too, check-out an interview with myself on the Submissions Page, this season's TDDR nods for The Pushcart Prize, not to mention our noms earlier this season for The Best of the Net, also shown below.

     Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to explore the universal obsession that is all things itsy bitsy. Happiest of Fall to you and yours...

      And that, for now, is the small and short of it. 

Keith Hoerner

Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA)

Founding Editor / Publisher, TDDR

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