Dear Readers:

Issue 3 of The Dribble Drabble Review is hereand with it: Spring 2021. Yes, we at TDDR are pleased to welcome Spring (and even look at this issue's cover art as Spring) in all its crazy colorbreaking through the Winter ice and isolation which Covid-19 has brought to everyone's doorstep. Are we getting too metaphorical? Perhaps. But, hey, why not?

     We are most excited to announce that, as a fledgling enterprise, our platform has begun being recognized. Out of 13,200 entries from all 50 United States and 179 countries, our new ezine was recently recognized as an Honoree in the 25th Annual Webby Awards celebrating the best of the Interent as deemed by The Int'l Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. If one is known by the company s/he keeps, we are thrilled to sit aside another Honoree: The Paris Review. Oui?! Too, just weeks ago, we received notification that one of our Drabblers, Suda Balagopal and her piece "Philtrum," was selected for inclusion in The Best Microfiction Anthology 2021. Congratulations Sudha! Here is this most deserving story:


    After your deployment, after the static-riddled calls, after the thousand-word emails, after you return at Christmas break, after I memorize the indentation above your upper lip, after you say it's called the philtrumfrom the Greek for love charmafter the solitude of cold sheets when you leave again, after your helicopter splinters, after your ashes arrive, after he is born, after he's placed in my arms, after I don't want him, after I recognize you in the dip of his upper lip, after I fall in love again, I ask you, why must this beginning come after an ending?

     We still await the winners of this year's 17th Annual Davie Awards, presented by The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, where we are competing in its electronic publications division  (fingers crossed and sling shots loaded). 

The Davey Awards honors the "David's" of creativity, the finest small enterprises worldwide. Fitting in so many ways... And we will continue the battle to build our Review's award list with every issue: even in the face of giants.

     On the submissions front, our international presence continues to grow... a testament to our quality of work and love of "the work" (aka flash) worldwide. It is especially gratifying to be publishing new writers aside established writers. It delivers a kind of experiential friction which results palpably in readers' minds while reading the Review: both aesthetically and tangibly, with fresh voices being added to the canon of well-established vocalizations. It takes all kinds to make a chorus harmonious. Not to mention, one which truly sings... And we're hittin' some high notes.

      That's about the small and short of it. Enjoy!


Keith Hoerner

Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA)

Founding Publisher/Editor, TDDR

     P.S. Be sure to visit our new micro-art tab. This is for the artist in you. That's right; we are now accepting micro masterpieces for a new gallery of diminutive visual creations (each accompanied by a six-word story title :)

Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA) lives, teaches, and pushes words around in Southern Illinois, USA. He has been featured in numerous national / international literary journals, anthologies, and other publications. His debut memoir, The Day The Sky Broke Open, was recently published by Adelaide Books, New York. His 2nd book with the same publisher, a collection of short fiction and poetry entitled Balancing on the Sharp Edges of Crescent Moons is scheduled for a Spring 2022 release.