Dear Readers and Writers:

To usher in Spring, The Dribble Drabble Review is pleased to have gathered a beautiful (and somewhat prickly) bouquet of *story blossoms* for your reading pleasure.

    You've planted the ideas, tended and trimmed them with thoughtfulness, and watched them grow to fruition. Now, we are honored to reveal our picks from among your best literary oeuvres.

    Appreciatively, our worldwide audience continues to embrace everything that is The Dribble Drabble Review: from our primary writers' platform, to our educational outreach, to our new print-publishing efforts, and beyond.

   To say we are pleased TDDR's efforts have been recognized as one of the top cultural sites on the Internet by both The Webby Awards (2021) and The Communicator Awards (2022), would be an understatement. What they telll us is we're doing something beneficial, and we're doing it well. :)

   In addition, our first print anthology IS NOW AVAILABLE! This 150-page book features author work from our first five issues: 250 exceptional 50-word Dribbles / 100-word Drabbles in celebration of the *culling craft of little-ature!* You can find it for purchase at the Bookstore via

    This particular issue's Art Section introduces you to the diminutive work

of Algerian sculptor Manel adoui (Manouch_art) who takes the tiniest of

walnuts and carves whimsical creations no bigger than, well, you guessed it,

the size of a walnut!  Plus, visit our Submissions Page, and hear what Guy

Hogan has to say about writing Flash Fiction (in, of course, 10 tiny

steps). Finally, and most impressively, we have 50 new and exceptional micro-

fiction pieces for  your perusal!

     Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to explore the

universal obsession for all things itty bitty. Happiest of Springs to you and yours...

     And that, for now, is the small and short of it. 

Keith Hoerner

Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA)

Founding Publisher / Editor, TDDR

     P.S. Keep those pencils to paper, and see what blossoms! Submissions for the TDDR's Fall 2022 Issue are open!

Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA) lives, teaches, and pushes words around in Southern Illinois, USA. Published in over 100 literary journals and anthologies (across five of seven continents), his memoir, The Day The Sky Broke Open, is a Best Book and American Writing Finalist. His second book, a collection of short fiction and poetry entitled Balancing on the Sharp Edges of Crescent Moons, is scheduled for release later this Spring. 

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