The Pushcart Prize is an American literary prize published by Pushcart Press that honors the best writing published by small presses (online and in print) over the previous year. Here are The Dribble Drabble Review's 2024 nominees. Congrats!

Image by Jason Leung

2023 Award Anthology Nominees

Best of the Net 2023 Nominees

-       USA’s Jon Fain for “To the Heart of It”

-       USA’s Kim Lozano for “Still Life with Federal Building and Ryder Truck—April 19, 1995”

-       USA’s Linda McMullen for “They Call Me the Wanderer”

-       Canada’s Valerie Pocock for “Gravity”

-       USA’s Christopher Sunami for “That’s Why”

-       England’s Dorcas Wilson for “Snow White’s Apple”

Best Microfiction 2023 Nominees

-       Egypt’s Riham Adly for “The Sting”

-       USA's Amy Barnes for “Trophy Wives”

-       USA's Kelly Short Borges for “Violet”

-       USA's Bella Mahaya Carter for “Letter to Isadora Duncan”

-       USA's Faye Rapoport DesPres for “By the Sea”

-       USA's Diane D. Gillette for “Post-Divorce Lessons on Healing Through Body        Adornment”

Best Small Fictions 2023 Nominees

-      USA’s Epiphany Ferrell for “Nearly Whole” 

-      Australia’s Doug Jacquier for “Signing Off”

-      Canada’s Angelina Schellenberg for “Hindsight” 

-      USA’s Rob Vogt for “Lesson  Plans”

-      USA’s Terri White for “Thanks for a Lovely Evening”