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Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA)


Firstly… To provide a no-cost, premium, worldwide platform for writers of Microfiction or “little-ature”… Delivering a more immediate sense of accomplish-ment (by focusing specifically on 50- and 100-word compositions, rather than more lengthy, traditional, short-story formats).

Secondly… to increase today's readership by providing those with lessened attention spans—propagated by social media—with engaging, concentrated stories. Note: Though newer, The Dribble Drabble Review enjoys an exponentially widening readership: currently 64 countries: 33% of all 195 countries worldwide (year-over-year 10/2/22).

Thirdly… to involve community engagement in-person and online; TDDR has taught the art of flash fiction in community classrooms since its inception and will continue this outreach effort with varying forms of instruction, special events, award-season nominations, contests, anthology print publi-cations, the creation of micro-art galleries / showings, and any other category-worthy ideas that present themselves, big or small.


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